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FOUNDATION FOR RECOVERY & WELLNESS COACHING INTERNATIONAL, International Recovery & Wellness Coaching Conference IRWCC 2015, Foundation for Recovery Coaching UK
About FRC Conference 

FRC Conference is dedicated to Healthcare Professionals, HR Managers, Coaches, Researchers, Business Executives, and Thought Leaders who are eager to share their expertise and knowledge-level obtained during years of successful careers and achievements.

The FRC Conference is a two-day event with influential keynotes speakers, enriching panel discussions, and valuable networking opportunities for top-tier professionals. In 2012 the conference had more than 200 professionals attending. These include a wide variety of industry leaders, coaches, business managers, etc. from different kinds of sectors.

The conference is being hosted at the RSA in London. The RSA has been at the forefront of thought and innovation across a wide range of sectors and has hosted some of the most innovative and groundbreaking thinkers and inventors of the last 400 years. Their stated mission 21st century enlightenment: enriching society through ideas and action.

The FRC Conference is a unique event in all its aspects with brilliant networking opportunities.

We are eager to improve the level of our conference every year, and we therefore have established a partnership with SpeakerScore for us to learn from your experience and also provide our speakers constructive feedback. We believe this will keep our quality high and experience satisfactory.


We look forward to seeing you at the conference in November. If you might have any questions, kindly do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Bill Piper, Director of National Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance. Drugs & drug war politics. Less people behind bars. 

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Only sticks and stones?  

I don't think so.

Listen to my interview with St. Jude Retreat's Director, Michelle Dunbar and I talk about the harm of labeling.

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Shira Goldberg cannot address individual addiction &/or mental health problems and issues. While she cares very much about your concerns and situations she does not do referrals.  She focuses her efforts on providing individual coaching, consulting, training and promoting resources through The Addiction Show. 

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“Transforming the Recovery to Wellness Journey” is the premier international conference dedicated to the development and deployment of coaching to significantly improve recovery from widespread behavioral healthcare challenges.

The conference brings together innovative creative future thinkers in the field of coaching, individual and organisational behaviour change, medical science, consciousness and spirituality who are leading the way in developing new approaches to individual, organisational and community health.

 FRC Conference / bringing healthcare related ecosystems together

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This week Susan interviews Shira Goldberg, host of the YouTube show The Addiction Show. Shira is also a Master Recovery/Sober Coach and Recovery Coach Trainer. Susan and Shira discuss sober coaching, how and why she started The Addiction Show, legalizing drugs, the criminal justice system, regulating Sober Living Environments (SLE’s) and how we can’t let our past define us.

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Shira Goldberg